Pictures of Snow on Haleakala Maui

A photographer with the Maui News, Matthew Thayer, had access to Haleakala National Park this past week when the road was closed. He took some amazing pictures of the January-February 2008 snowstorm on Maui.

It really snowed in Maui: View of Maalaea Bay from snow-capped Haleakala

(Photo courtesy of Matthew Thayer)

Iced-over endangered native Hawaiian plant, the silversword

(Photo courtesy of Matthew Thayer)

Haleakala Summit in Maui is over 10,000-feet above sea level and frozen this week

(Photo courtesy of Matthew Thayer)

5 thoughts on “Pictures of Snow on Haleakala Maui”

  1. I was there last April, when it was cold, but the sky was blue and the crater looked like Mars. The contrast between your shots and mine are striking. Great captures.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great photos. It would be very interesting to see snow up there, and these photos capture it perfectly.

  3. I lived on Maui for two years and never saw a glimpse of snow! Mahalo for posting these photos: spectacular!

  4. Aloha..Growing up in Makawao and seeing the snow on top of Haleakala from the folks kitchen window will be cherished for ever. It was beautiful I live here in Nebraska and the snow is falling so soft and pretty. A beautiful site. Love the snow. I wish I could purchase a photo of Haleakala with the snow top. Love to blow it up, frame it and hang it.. so we can all enjoy it.

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