Recipes for Avocados

It’s avocado month at my house, where the 20-year old tree in my backyard has begun to drop 10 to 20 fruits per day. Judging by the height of the tree and the number of green fruits still hanging, I’m guessing my avocado tree could easily “rain” about 250 pounds of fruit over the next 30 days.

The avocado tree in my backyard, loaded with fruit and starting to drop
The avocado tree in my backyard, loaded with fruit and starting to drop

So I’m undertaking an avocado eating challenge to see how many avocados one person can eat safely. My tally this week: 15 avocados eaten. So far the only side effect I’ve noticed is that certain biologic functions run a lot smoother.

I’m also giving avos away to friends and neighbors, knowing that I can’t possibly eat the whole tree’s worth. But in order to enjoy so many avos that remain and avoid avo burn out, I’ve begun searching for new recipe ideas. Apart from slicing the fruit and adding it to sandwiches, salads, soups and stir-frys, I’m in the process of perfecting my guacamole recipe.

Other recipe suggestions that I’ve received so far include avocado cream pie, avocado ice cream, avo smoothies and if those don’t sound strange enough, avocado hair conditioner.

If you’d like to share your favorite “killer” guac, or any other avocado recipe, I’d love to give it a go.

2 thoughts on “Recipes for Avocados”

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    Erich Doubek
    I say guacamole
    Yesterday at 1:47pm

    Bob Rutledge
    Avacado tacos. Slice ’em, toss ’em between tortillas, add your favorites. Chilled Avacado soup.
    Yesterday at 1:48pm

    Lyndsey Kemper
    I would come and help if I was in Hawaii:) love you both!!!

    Ranga-ram Chary
    is there such a thing as an “excess” of avocados ?
    Yesterday at 2:00pm

    Mary Simonson
    You guys have such a hard life… 🙂
    Yesterday at 2:16pm

    Peter Plavchan
    @Ranga: Avocados = Peter’s kryptonite (allergic). It’s good to keep a safe supply in case I start causing trouble.

    Aleesha Kobernik
    there’s no such thing, I would like that lot 🙂
    Yesterday at 2:41pm

    Michael McElwain
    Please share the wealth!
    Yesterday at 3:21pm

    Catherine West
    Feel free to mail them to our home address. I am an addict and have not had my fix since we moved east.
    Yesterday at 3:42pm

    Catherine West
    …and I’m not actually kidding. 🙂
    Yesterday at 3:42pm

    Monique LeMay Habicht
    I’ll take some too!
    Yesterday at 4:16pm

    Al Burgasser
    HEY BUD . . .. you can make lots and lots of “snot”!!!!!
    Yesterday at 4:52pm

    Arthur Laughlin
    too bad you can’t bring them to me
    Yesterday at 5:01pm

    Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi
    problem solved
    plus my peruvian triple decker 🙂
    Yesterday at 6:35pm

    Luana Coonen
    don’t remind me of what i’m missing… guess I have too many pears…
    Yesterday at 9:37pm

    Amaya Cervino
    Me! Me, me, me, MEEEEE! I’ll take them : )
    8 hours ago

  2. I have a great sandwich idea, it’s pretty popular in Peru and I had it custom made for my night lunch in Chile, using my charms with the cooks by speaking Spanish of course.
    it’s called triple: slice the avocado and add lime, salt and pepper. Place it on a slice of bread, and then put another bread on top of it. Then on top of that, add tomatoes with a little vinegar, salt and pepper and boiled eggs with mayonaise, salt and pepper. Put another slice of bread on top and voila!

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