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Census 2010 data shows double-digit population growth in Hawaii

Census data released today reveals that key trends in Hawaii’s population growth tracks closely with other states along the West Coast, including California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

Population Growth

Hawaii’s population grew 12.3% between 2000 and 2010 to a total of 1,380,301 people. The other West Coast states grew at similar low double-digit rates: California 10%, Oregon 12%, Washington 14.1% and Alaska 13.3%.

Population Density

With very limited land area, it follows that Hawaii’s population density, defined as number of people per square mile, also grew. Hawaii now ranks as the #15 most dense state. By comparison, California ranks at #13 for density. The other West Coast states remain much less dense, with Washington ranking #27, Oregon #41 and Alaska #52.

Despite growth in population and density, there was no change in Hawaii’s number of congressional representatives. We retain two senators and two representatives.

Current Trends

The housing bubble tracks closely with population growth. Hoards of people moved out West and to coastal areas during the past decade, buying houses they couldn’t afford with subprime loans. Now that the bubble has burst, an important question to ask is how does the foreclosure rate impact population numbers in real time. But for that answer, we will have to wait for the next census in 2020.

Hawaii General Election results 2010

If you’d like to see how the general election races turned out, results are posted on the state’s website:

Here’s a brief rundown of the winners:

Senator – Dan Inouye (no surprise there)

Rep Dist 1 – Colleen Hanabusa

Rep Dist 2 – Maize Hirono

Gov/Lt Gov – Abercrombie/Schatz

Kauai Mayor – Bernard Carvalho

Maui Mayor – Alan Arakawa

Overall voter turnout = 55.7%

Obamas home in Hawaii for the holidays

Welcome home Barack, Michelle and girls! I saw your plane (aka Air Force 1) fly over Maui around 2 pm on Christmas Eve. Hope you enjoyed the view of Haleakala.

First Family lands in Honolulu on Christmas Eve
President Obama and daughter Malia step off Air Force One, followed by Michelle and Sasha, in Honolulu
President Obama and First Family receive lei greeting in Honolulu. Representative Mazie Hirono waits with a lei for President Obama.