The Real Valentine’s Day

Today, Friday, February 1, 2008, is the real Valentine’s Day. This is according to a dear friend and professional astrologer, Kelly Davidson, who specializes in universal timing. At 3AM PST, Venus and Jupiter met for their annual make-out session–a romantic conjunction that obscured both of them from earthly view. The afterglow of their rendez-vous makes the rest of today all about love.

Love is a mystery that some would say is neatly solved by the phrase “yes, dear” and a box of chocolates. I am not such a cynic, and quite frankly, entertain other possibilities. Serious attempts at explaining what love is have been made throughout human history by scientists, philosophers, politicians, monks, sages, prophets, poets and especially marketers. Understanding the mysteries of the universe–why things happen and when–seems fair game to all, including astrologers.

So while I don’t advocate that astrology has all the answers or is anything more than another possible explanation, I do appreciate the value of good timing and it’s positive impact on creating love. Take, for example, Susan Miller, who is a very successful astrologer and author the website She writes monthly forecasts and offers a wealth of advice on how to use astrology to improve your love life. You can use her “Matchmaker By Sign” to figure out which signs are most and least compatible with yours. Once you have found a potential mate, you can then use her “Gift Guide by Sign” to figure out what would be the best present to give your beloved on Valentine’s Day. Apparently, not everyone loves chocolate–yet another mystery of the universe–but Susan guides us through it.

So if Valentine’s Day seems more like an annual romantic curse, celebrating on the true Valentine’s Day may change the outcome. At least for today, love is in the air. And if you find a compatible partner, shower them with gifts they’ll appreciate (for some signs, that means nothing material at all). However it works out, happy true Valentine’s Day.

An astute reader of this entry pointed out that the author of, Phil Plait — scientist, writer, skeptic and friend — published about the Venus/Jupiter conjunction today on his blog . Thanks for mentioning it!

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  1. Hey Gen! I’m a big advocate for moving V-day to the 1st… If nothing else, to just get it off of my birthday so I can get my friends in couples to come out and celebrate with me on the 14th!

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