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Connecting through Honolulu airport and other Hawaiʻi airports

This series of articles on Hawaii’s airports covers nearly all you need to know about flying to and between the Hawaiian islands. If I’ve missed something you’d like covered, please post your comment.

(Note to readers: Please click on each article to read the details.)

  1. Connecting in Honolulu International Airport (HNL) from a Mainland flight to an interisland flight
  2. Connecting with Island Air, go! or Hawaiian Airlines
  3. Connecting from an international flight to an interisland flight
  4. Tips for those departing out of HNL
  5. Non-stop flights to/from Hawaii
  6. Interisland flights between two cities in Hawaii
  7. Cheapest way to vacation in Hawaii

Best Places to Eat in Honolulu

What are the best places to eat in Honolulu?

Lucky you, Honolulu is such a fun food town with multiple ethnic influences melting into one tasty bowl. Here is a list of my favorite places to eat in Honolulu:

Traditional Japanese
Akasaka — Across from the convention center; great for lunch; They serve raw and cooked food. The broiled misoyaki butterfish and spicy tuna hand rolls are favorites; Review at http://www.yelp.com/biz/akasaka-honolulu . Make a reservation.

Modern Japanese
Doraku Sushi — Royal Hawaii Shopping Center (if there’s a wait, do NOT eat at the super overpriced place across the hall); Great for dinner with a group; Hip vibe with a creative menu; http://www.dorakusushi.com/ . Make a res.

Mariposa — Neiman Marcus at Ala Moana Shopping Center; Ask to sit on the lanai; Killer ocean views; Also good for a nice lunch or dinner with a group; Website at http://www.neimanmarcushawaii.com/restaurant.aspx . Make a res.

Siam Garden Cafe — It’s the best Thai food you’ll eat outside of Thailand. I almost cried when I thought they’d closed in August, but they were just cleaning the place; Great for lunch and groups; Kid friendly; Website at http://www.siamgardencafe.com/ . No need res.

There is also a dizzying variety of quick, inexpensive places to eat within walking distance of the Hawaii convention center located in the food court of the Ala Moana Shopping Center (Street level) –http://www.alamoanacenter.com/diningdirec.htm . I like the Korean and Japanese grills, but you’ll find it all there fast.

Whatever you decide,  you can always get take out and then eat it across the street at Ala Moana Beach Park while taking in sunset.

Duc’s Bistro — Chinatown; great for a group, food is served family style; Lamb chops are not to be missed; French Vietnamese; http://www.ducsbistro.com/ducbistro/MENU.html . No need res, unless it’s a group of 6 or more.

Super fancy dinners to impress (or seal the deal, in order of my preference)
Halekulani La Mer — http://www.halekulani.com/dining/la_mer/
Alan Wong’s on King St — http://www.alanwongs.com/
Chef Mavro’s — http://www.chefmavro.com/
Michelle’s — http://www.yelp.com/biz/michels-at-the-colony-surf-honolulu
Happy eating!!!

What if the BP Gulf oil spill had occurred in Hawaii?

What would Hawaii look like if the BP Gulf oil spill had happened here instead of Louisiana?

I wondered which islands would it effect, given the spill’s current size, and found an interactive map that moves the spill to any location. Disturbingly, if the spill was centered in Honolulu, it would coat O’ahu, Kaua’i, Moloka’i and Maui.

If the spill grows as expected, it would reach all of the islands within a few weeks. It would be an epic disaster, given our rare and endangered plant and animal life, dependency on beach tourism, and general reliance on the ocean for food and recreation. Perhaps this puts into better perspective what the people in the Gulf are suffering.