Hawaiian Airlines removes an exit row on Mainland flight

Hawaiian Airlines removed one of the two exit rows on its Boeing 767-300 flight 16 bound today from Honolulu San Diego and replace it with at least two more standard coach rows.

Hawaiian Airlines removes one of two exit rows on its Boeing 767-300 bound for the Mainland

Flight details:

Flight: HA 16, Hawaiian Airlines

From: HNL, Honolulu, HI to SAN, San Diego, CA

Duration: 5h 20 m

Equipment: Boeing 767-300

A quick search of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules reveals that the Boeing 767-300 aircraft is required to only have one pair of Type III exits, the kind found on either end of exit row seats. Hawaiian’s removal of an exit row practice appears to be within the FAA’s rules.

However, removing a safety feature in order to pack the plane tighter with passengers calls into questions the airlines motives.

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  1. Ever since we had our son my wife and I had wished for a kid play zone on airplanes, like the kind they have in shopping malls. Wish they’d take out some seats for that.

    1. Play zone? Buy you and your brat first class tickets and you’ll have plenty of room to play around. Oh, don’t want to buy? Then strap down your brat and make him sit still like a normal child can.

  2. No fricking way. I dont want to hear a bunch of kids running around and screaming on a plane.

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