Giant waves washing over Hawaii

Grab your big wave surf board and all the courage you can muster, weather forecasters say that 25+ foot waves now hitting Hawaii’s north and west shores will persist until tomorrow, tapering off through Saturday (see ). The waves are the largest of the winter surf season so far.

Waves this big haven’t hit the islands since 2007, when Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore broke just in time for the Edde Aikau big wave tournament. Peahi (aka Jaws) on Maui’s North Shore also broke to record crowds of wanna-be riders, film crews and celebrity onlookers. Two Oahu contests are underway now.

If sliding down a wave as tall as a 3-story building seems a little crazy to you, then grab your binoculars, thermos and beach chair. Spectating these monster waves from the safety of shore is a rare treat worth fighting traffic to see.

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  1. Exciting! I hear you’ll be off-island and missing them, though! 🙁

    (I haven’t clicked through my reader to your website in a while…great new look!)

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