How to Get Tickets to Bruno Mars in Honolulu

Bruno Mars nee Peter Hernandez announced three shows at Aloha Stadium n November 8, 10, and 11, 2018. Tickets are sold out already. How can you get tickets?

At Least Three Options

Watch Craigslist. There are sure to be scalpers and last minute cancellations selling seats. A quick search turns up multiple tickets, but they are not cheap, ranging from $70 to $3,000.

Watch eBay. Plenty of tickets are showing up here. A quick search turns up an equally large range of prices, from $350 to $2,000. 

Turn up outside Aloha Stadium the day of the show and look for sellers. You could get lucky.

If these options are too rich or risky, consider skipping the live show, buy his music, and host a concert party. His latest album 24K Magic is a lot of fun and features the hit single That’s What I Like. 

How Do I Cover My Stomach Belly Fat on Vacation?

You are beautiful the way you are, and you are good enough.

Still, if you feel uncomfortable showing a lot of skin at the beach, Hawaiian people have a wonderful wrapping piece of clothing called a pareo, sarong, lava lava, or malo. These are wardrobe staples for Polynesian men and women. The good news is that pareos (or sarongs, people use both names) cover as much of the body as you like. People of all ages wear them. 

I love pareos. I wear them as swimsuit covers, shawls, and full-body wraps. I cover car seats and tables, sit on them at parks and the beach, and  twist them into impromptu carrying bags. Pareos are inexpensive, large squares of rayon or cotton fabric that typically cost under $30.


Women tend to wear brighter colors with flower prints, while men tend to wear subdued earthy colors with botanical or fish hook prints. But there are no hard and fast rules because this garment is so flexible. Buy one before you leave for your next island vacation so you have time to wash it and practice wrapping. 

Women – A good starter pareo for women and girls is a bamboo and flower design in blue or turquoise. 

Men – A good starter pareo for men and boys is a batik sunset and fish hook design in brown and black

If you want extra material, plus sizes are available. These are called extra long pareos or tapis on Guam. A good starter tapis is the lotus print in turquoise or purple. 

This video shows nine ways to wrap a pareo. Enjoy!

Does Hawaii have mosquitoes?


Tropical, warm and humid all point to mosquitoes in Hawaii, yet few if any, of the guidebooks talk about them. Truth is there are several species of mosquito in Hawaii, two of which like to bite humans. One species limited to birds, but that’s not going to impact your vacation.

Which mosquito repellant?

Will you need to slather up with DEET in order to enjoy your tropical vacation? The answer is probably yes, depending on a few factors. Continue reading Does Hawaii have mosquitoes?